Reliable Fitness and Health Information on the Web

The web is an ocean of information where you can indeed shipwreck on dangerous islands.

You might encounter exotic sibyls that promise you weight loss with mystic diets, charlatans that wish to sell you methods or drugs, or simply misinformed bloggers.

To avoid making online surfing for information an Odyssey, I suggest to start with an authoritative popular website as NIH's Health Information Page.

If you want more insights in the latest research and are seeking interaction with science blogging enthusiasts, the following are my favorite resources:

Dr. Monte's Fitness Rocks has been for years my premium resource for scientific information on health and fitness. Science2Health is a new project that has started recently, you might want to check it out.

Obesity Panacea is another great blog! It has recently moved to be part of the Science Blogs Network.

Please take a moment of your time to leave a comment and share what are your favorite reliable scientific resources on the web for information on health and physical activity.

Have a great physically active day!

Burning Calories and Web 2.0 Burgers

Hello everyone! I'm back blogging! I'm trying to make this online space more smooth and "social network" oriented (twitter and dailymile). Here is just a small update:

Being on diet can be a very challenging and yet frustrating experience. Things come much easier and efficient if a fitness program is adopted: weight control can be managed more effectively with a physically active lifestyle.

The Internet may indeed help with motivation and make training fun, giving the feeling of being part of a moving community.

I believe that dailymile fully targets these two aspects and with its new "food widgets", raises awareness on how many calories are contained in certain type of (junk) food, and how much effort is needed to burn those extra calories.

Quick tip: remember not to reward yourself with (extra) food because you have trained hard!

Have a great workout!